Delivering results with people requires constant attention on ways of fostering the capability of teams, collaborative effort and high quality conversations.

Lines of Sight works with teams to highlight what team can do to be successful.

Action Learning is a proven approach to addressing real problems faced by individuals. A supportive team assist the individual define the challenge that confronts them. Careful listening and powerful questions provide a safe and challenging environment to problem-solve, find a solution and commit to action.

We offer introductory practice workshops for groups and facilitate Action Learning Groups for teams. In Spring 2015, Lines of Sight will host an four-session Action Learning Group for Emerging Leaders.

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The Team Management Profile (TMP) gives you and your team insights in how your prefer to work and how you are likely to interact with your colleagues. Presented visually and with useful commentary, the profile is a good starting point for thinking about how to maximise individual and collective capability.

If you want to encourage a conversation with colleagues about how you can collaborate to deliver results with more attention on how you work together, let’s have a chat about this tool.

Team Spice Cards provide a focused way of reviewing a team’s effectiveness. Colleagues talk about or ask each other for insights about what the team is doing well, with more emphasis on ‘how’ rather than ‘what.’ A challenging and fun way of regularly assessing the quality of interactions, the levels of collaboration and the commitment to each other’s success.

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