Delivering results through self has its roots in knowing who we are and being committed to keep learning what we can do to be more effective.

Here are a few resources, used by Lines of Sight, designed to heighten individual awareness and insight.

MBTI® or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is a personality type self-assessment. It fosters deeper self-understanding and an indication of what colleagues are likely to experience as they interact with you. It also provides reliable insight for team building, management of colleagues and coaching of individuals.

Want to know your ‘Type’? Get in touch and we’ll get you started.

Clifton StrengthsFinder® is the first step in identifying talent themes which, when used in combination with skills, talent and experience mean we are morel likely to be more productive, perform better and more engaged. A great way for individuals and teams to identify and use available strengths to deliver results.

If you’d like to ‘discover your strengths’ and make the most of them, let’s explore how we can help.

The Genos Employee Motivation Assessment provides a measure of what motivates people, in four unique areas:

  1. Role – the sort of work you enjoy doing most
  2. Manager – how you like to be led
  3. Team – the characteristics of a group you value
  4. Organisation – what you look for in and from an organisation.

A useful tool for evaluating current experience and preferences, with a call to action when there is a gap.

Keen to ‘name’ and make good use of what keeps you engaged when it comes to work, then touch base with us.

The Life Inventory Review uses personal reflection and story-telling to uncover successes, challenges and influences that shape an individual’s current thinking and actions.

Often early in coaching, this can also been experienced as a one-off activity.

Interested, then talk about this might benefit you.