Delivering results with people means we are always trying to be effective as communicators and listeners.

Lines of Sight uses models that focus on specific communication and listening models as the basic building-blocks for effective workplace relationships and collaborative effort.

The Temenos Behaviour Minder™ card pack and related resources, provides you with a way of getting face-to-face feedback about how you are currently communicating well with work colleagues and what you could do to enhance the effectiveness of your interactions with them. This is fast and fascinating way of finding out what colleagues value and would like. A resource you can use again and again…and invite workmates to use with you.

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What We Talk about at Work’ workshops use over ten-years of research on indiviudal’s perceptions of how colleagues talk to each other and what they think needs to happen to improve workplace relationships. Participants get to explore their observations and get feedback on the experience others have of them. Together, work colleagues think about and commit to use communication behaviours they think will benefit they team.

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The Temenos Behaviour Minder™ is a one-on-one feedback tool highlighting the frequency with which you use specific communication styles and behaviours. Invited colleagues also select behaviours they would you use to strengthen your relationship with them.

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