Delivering results through self is underpinned by a willingness to invite feedback from others, listen carefully to it and act on it.

Lines of Sight designs tailored feedback questionnaires. We also use two highly effective 360° assessments.

The Genos Emotional Intelligence questionnaire is a 360° assessment, although it can also be used as a self-assessment. It provides detailed information on the way you typically deal with emotions – your own and other. It focuses on specific skills identified as keys to the effective and professional management of emotions in the workplace.

If you want to assess just how emotionally intelligent you are and what you can do to enhance EI, let’s talk.

The Leadership Circle Profile® is a 360 assessment of leadership competencies. As well as telling you what is or is not contributing to your effectiveness, this profile also tells you ‘why’ this is so. In a very real sense, you can see what is happening beneath the surface. It is one of the best assessments to build awareness of how you habitually think, how you behave and how both impact what other’s see and experience when they are working with you.

If you are keen to ‘dig deep’ to transform your leadership, then we should have a conversation about how this profile would be good for you.